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Introduction to fencing

Fencing is  a martial art focusing on the use of either the sabre, epee or foil, it helps people to develop coordination, balance and flexibility, making it a fantastic way to keep fit for all ages and abilities.

Speed not Strength

The emphasis is on speed rather than strength, making it an ideal sport for a beginner to learn.

Fencers learn the skills of attacking and defending (parry) with three types of weapon. Each weapon (foil, epee and sabre) varies according to which parts of the body are scoring targets, and all three weapons are fitted with electronic equipment, although you can still practice with non electric! (steam powered) a great deal of emphasis is placed on footwork, enabling the fencer to attack retreat or lunge at different speeds depending on the situation.

It is also a great sport for those in wheelchairs, with the sport being very popular at the Paralympic Games.

Fencing is one of the few sports that has been part of the Olympic Games since its revival in 1896.


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Fitness benefits of fencing

Fencing has a number of health and fitness benefits. These can include:

  • Great cardiovascular exercise

  • Develops upper body strength and coordination..

  • Improves flexibility and reflexes.

  • Increased Anaerobic Fitness

  • Stress Reduction:

  • Boosts mental strength and concentration.

  • Increases the nimbleness of feet and hands.


Sabre Fencing explained

Epee Fencing explained


Foil Fencing explained

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